We, pet owners, always look for the best option for our dogs while we’re away…and dog daycares are the best option for us. Dog Daycares are the best place where our four-legged friends can be fed, rest, and play with their own kind. So, we made a list of the best dog daycares in Oxford for you to look at.

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How Much Does Dog Daycare Cost in Oxford?

We will give you an idea of the estimated costs for different services in some of the most popular daycares in Oxford. 

However, it is important to remember that the costs may vary from time to time. But we always try to provide the most accurate data possible. Some of the daycares in Oxford provide discounts for different factors.

The Best Dog Daycares in Oxford

We human beings always look for the best option. This sort-out human nature is also applicable when you’re searching for best dog daycares in Oxford. Below are the criteria that we followed to select the best daycares in oxford for our four-legged friends.

  • Facility – We want you to send your dog to a nice and clean environment. So, the facility is an important factor while we made our list.
  • Professionalism – No matter how great the facility is, it is much important that the dog daycare company works well in the professionalism department.
  • Services – Your dog needs to be well taken care of and great services can only ensure that. So, we selected daycares that offer great services.
  • Customer Reviews – It is important to note what others and previous users say. So, we gave a good look at the customer reviews before finalising our list.

It is time to see the list that we have been talking about all article long…! Here is the top rated Best Dog Daycares in Oxford.

1. Barnewood Boarding Kennels

Barnewood Boarding Kennels- best dog daycares in oxford

Barnewood Boarding Kennels is one of the best dog daycares in Oxford. The story of this luxury dog daycare center in Oxford started in 2014. Till then the company didn’t look back. 

Though Barnewood is known for its luxury boardings, they also offer standard boarding services too. The company has more than twenty-nine standards and six luxury kennels.

The best thing about them is their professional and well-trained staff. According to a lot of customer reviews, the staff are super friendly and organised.

However, the puppy care center has a huge area so that our four-legged friends can play, train, and frolic with their own kind. 

The pricing of Barnewood comes in various ranges. Starting from £30 for one dog in standard kennels to £75 for three dogs in the homeroom.

The luxury kennels of Barnewood also come in different price ranges. If you want to bring additional dogs prior to your package, you have to pay £20 per dog.

Overall, this is a great daycare with a lot of services and facilities. This is why we rank this as the top-rated dog daycare in Oxford.

Customer Reviews

Lucy Cashin
Lucy CashinLucy Cashin Read More
My two dogs had a great time at Barnewood whilst I was on holiday. In fact, the daily photos were incredibly reassuring and I would happily recommend them to anyone who wants a fantastic kennel for their dogs. These are just some of the photos of my dogs taken when I was on holiday. My westie is 13 and a half and I clearly love the stay at Barnewood.
Dan Fidler
Dan FidlerDan Fidler Read More
This place is worth every penny. Great staff with great attitudes. This crew is detail-oriented. My dog is always excited to come and wags her tail when I pick her up. We will always use Barnewood for our kenneling needs.

2. Archway Boarding Kennels

Archway Boarding Kennels-best dog daycares in Oxford

Archway Boarding Kennels is a small boarding kennel with 40 dogs (almost) holding capacity. They have only 4 employees who look after everything.

But their company size will not give you a full picture of their service quality. They provide a wide range of different services at a very reasonable price.

Grooming, Day Boarding, Long Boarding, dog-supplies, Archway Kennels provide all.

£21 is the price per day for one dog. The pricing mainly depends on dog quantity and package.

The best thing about the company is that not only do they care about our dogs but also, they care about the environment. To reduce landfill waste, they recycle most of the waste.

Looking at all the aspects of the company, we recommend Archway Boarding Kennels any day.

Customer Reviews

Emily Lewis
Emily LewisEmily Lewis Read More
The very best kennels in Oxfordshire or maybe even the UK. The team here is incredible and is 1 million times better than any other we have come across. Really great for helping our rescue dog socialise too! So glad we found them!! – Emily Lewis
BethanyBethany Read More
Best dog care bar none – there are very few people I trust with my dogs but Emma and the gang are among them no question. Structured fun and socialisation at its best.

3. Lakeside Kennels Peartree Oxford

Lakeside Kennels Peartree Oxford- best dog daycares in Oxford

Lakeside Kennels started their journey back in 2001 and has been going with greatness since then. It is a family-owned doggy day cares and grooming parlour for your loved dogs.

All of their staff went through different training before joining lakeside. As a result, our four-legged friends will be safe here.

The company offers different services and great facilities. Lakeside has a huge area with different playing fields. So, exercise and game activities will be alright for your loved dogs. 

Unlike others, Lakeside Kennels provide medical support for dogs. So, you can remain stress-free about your friends’ condition while you’re away.

The pricing of this dog daycare center in Oxford is also reasonable. They charge £22 per day for one doggo (all breed) and £38 per day for two doggies.

Customer Reviews

Jeff Harrison
Jeff HarrisonJeff Harrison Read More
Very friendly service and honest about the stay. I would highly recommend it. Reasonable rates and no issues taking dogs on medication. No silly extra fees for giving tablets etc., like some kennels.
Zoe Barwick
Zoe BarwickZoe Barwick Read More
Our nervous and reactive dogs stayed the night here and seemed happy when they came home! No interaction with other dogs, which is exactly what we needed. I would definitely use Lakeside Kennel again.

4. Cumnor Dog Lodge

Cumnor Dog Lodge-best dog daycares in Oxford

Cumnor Dog lodge is one of the most trusted dog daycares in Oxford. It is situated at The Hurst of Cumnor Hill. 

The owner, Mark, is famous for his great care and trustworthiness towards the customers. 

Cumnor Dog Lodge does not offer a wide range of services. They do not offer food or medication support.

The family-owned business mainly focuses on Day Boarding. For this reason, they put a lot of time and effort into amplifying their daycare service.

Your dog will have secure access to ¼ acres of land and supervise access to 10 acres of woodland. Hence, it will be a great room for your puppy to socialise with others.

The best thing about Cumnor Lodge is that they have full liability insurance for home dog boarding with Vale of the White Horse County Council.

All in all, a homely environment with a great staff for your best friend won’t be a bad decision.

Customer Reviews

Duncan Gibbons
Duncan GibbonsDuncan Gibbons Read More
There aren’t many people I’d gladly leave my dogs with all day, but Mark has a wonderful garden/compound where the pups can run free and have fun, along with day beds in the shade and an indoor area.
Paula Young
Paula Young Paula Young Read More
My dog goes every day, Marc is very good with all his charges. My dog enjoys going there and mixing with his friends.

5. Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels

Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels- best dog daycares in Oxford

Rosehill Farm is situated in beautiful rural Buckinghamshire countryside. The farm has been owned by the Higgins family siAt Rosehill Farm, the dogs are walked three times a day. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health while you’re away. since 1983. 

So, the boarding kennels is a family-owned business that is run by different expert hands.

The dogs walk singly or in groups. This depends on the dog’s temperament socialism. Some dogs can also be walked off the lead depending on their beaviour.

Rosehill Farm Boarding Kennels is 100% licensed by the Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) under the terms of the Animal Welfare. 

The pricing of the boarding kennels is £23 per day (one dog). Please note that they do not accept debit or credit cards for payment. 

Customer Reviews

Colin Randal
Colin Randal Colin Randal Read More
We have used Rose hill Kennels to board our dog for many years now and would never dream of using any other. Dogs are very well looked after by professional and caring staff.
Penny Lewns
Penny LewnsPenny Lewns Read More
Excellent facilities and caring staff. Able to accommodate my three vizslas together. Brilliant kennelled!

A Guite to Find the Right Dog Daycares in Oxford

Here are some tips that you can follow to find the right daycare for your dogs in Oxford or anywhere else in the world. This method works in all places.

Tour the Facility

First of all, you should look into where you’re sending your precious four-legged friends. Obviously, you want to send them into a nice, clean, and homely environment. 

Check the daycare’s operational policy

Second, you must look into how the daycare operates. How they make groups, what is their individual walk procedure, everything. It is important for your dog’s safety.

Check Staff training and emergency medical care

Lastly, you should observe how the staff handle other dogs before sending your one. There should be proper medical support for accidents.

FAQs About Dog Daycare Services in Oxford

How much is dog daycare per day in Oxford?

Answer: From 15 to 25 pounds for a dog. It depends on different factors and varies from place to place. But the average estimated cost should not exceed 25 pounds per day.

Should my dog have all the papers before going into a daycare in Oxford?

Answer: Absolutely yes! Your pet must have complete vaccination and its papers before going into the daycare. 

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